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Why? Because.

Why? Because.

In June, I was part of a panel of creatives discussing the life of freelancing with the American Advertising Federation’s New Mexico Chapter. We, a photographer, writer, graphic designer and video producer, were asked why we freelance, and whether there were days we wish we didn’t.

To which I proclaimed that I love being a freelancer, despite the challenges of finding clients, chasing payment (sometimes, not often), and the isolation of working alone. After almost 15 years, I’ve figured out how to address these challenges. Now I help others starting their own freelance writing careers.
NM Ad Fed June 2014
The rewards of setting my own schedule, working from home, taking interesting projects and learning a lot about my clients and their businesses far outweigh the downside. These factors, too, were part of why I became a freelancer. And why I’ve never looked back. Maybe that’s why by 2020, 50% of the US full-time workforce is predicted to be freelance.

Welcome to the site, seekers of content

Kelly Koepke content creation collaborationWelcome to my brand new website! I figured this would be a good opportunity to remind everyone what exactly it is I do.

I help solo-preneurs, small businesses and others get their message out. Because I understand it can be hard to put on paper (or on the web) what you want to say. I do this in 4 ways:

Content Creation - I create it
Find the right words and ways to share your compelling stories. With my help, now you can sound good on the page, via email and on the web.

Content Collaboration – We create it together
Stop struggling. Let me guide you as you create it yourself.

Learn It, Do It – Want to write a website, blog, article, newsletter, press release or any other business communication yourself? Learn to write it yourself – I’ll teach you how.

Freelance Writer Start UpI love teaching new freelance writers, or those who need a boost in the business side of things, to turn their love of words into a high-income career without sacrificing time with their families, friends or the activities they love.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from one of these services, let me know!

Are you a dream client?

Be a good clientWant to be a dream client for a writer? Any creative professional, actually? Know these four things when you talk to them:

  1. Know the benefits of your product or service. Specifically, what problem does your service or product solve. Why should someone buy something, anything, from you? That you’re a great person isn’t enough.
  2. Know the vehicle by which your message will be delivered. Is this message for an email campaign, a web site, an article in a business publication, or something else? The method of information presentation will often dictate the content and message length.
  3. Know your style. Do you want the message to be presented in a humorous way? Formally? With a cheeky tone or in a straightforward manner?
  4. Clarify language “dos” and “don’ts.” At the beginning of the project, be specific about words you need to include or exclude, either by regulation or out of sensitivity to your audience. YOU are the expert in your industry, so if there are hot button words – positive or negative – share them with the writer.

Keeping these things in mind will make your work with a writer go more smoothly. It will also clarify the intent and purpose of your communication.

Time Saving Tip: Social Media Scheduling

Schedule FB postsScheduling social media posts in advance is a great way to save time and efficiently maintain a presence online. Facebook has a schedule post feature for personal and business accounts, and HootSuite is an effective tool for managing and pre-scheduling multiple social media updates. Because not everyone can be on their smart phone, tablet or computer all the time!

Key Question To Ask When Writing Anything

One key question to answer when creating any written communication (email, newsletters, blogs, postcards, letters, press releases, websites):
What action do I want my readers to take? Do I offer them too much? What’s in it for them to act immediately? Then start writing.