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What Do You Do All Day?

What Do You Do All Day?

I’m often asked that question from business people I meet. Because I tell them I help people better communicate. It’s both specific and not specific. They wonder just what do I do all day?

Here’s a typical day:

  • Create client Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn updates
  • Write a client’s blog post (or two)
  • Craft a client’s monthly newsletter, including finding images
  • Draft a press release about a client’s great news
  • Put together answers for a client’s awards application
  • “Ghost” interview a client for an article in a trade magazine, then edit their answers so they sound brilliant.
  • Read up on the latest social media application or feature
  • Research, research, research on marketing, public relations and communication

Each day is different – which I love! Sometimes I write feature articles, too, for publications about food, people and the arts. And I volunteer my marketing, writing and non-profit skills for Creative Albuquerque.

I’m fortunate to be a busy writer whose creativity flows every day. And I’m always interested in talking to people about how they can get their message out.

The ABCs of Trust

A blog post talked about how you get people to trust your message – whether in business, politics or life in general. The idea came down to FCA: 

Frequency: Your message has to be heard 7-9 times before people actually hear it. You have to frequently stay in front of your target audience. Otherwise, they’ve forgotten you.

Consistency: Consistently delivering your message, products, services and solutions on a regular time line. No 1 week blitz and then nothing for months. Pick a time line and do it.

Accuracy: This is easy – tell the truth. No one trusts someone whose story changes from day to day, or who misrepresents themselves. Be reliable, and people will trust you. Oh, and if you make a mistake, fess up.

Did I Hit A Nerve?

We’re constantly bombarded by negative images and thoughts. The way to combat this, especially in our businesses, is to blast out our own positive ones. I don’t mean taking a Pollyanna view of the world and ignoring challenges. I don’t mean spin or hype, either. I mean genuinely compelling and interesting stories about your business. Stories that highlight the great products, services and most importantly, results, you provide your customers.

What would you want to read? A story about how someone solves a problem, or one that stresses complaints and blames others? I know what my preference is.

I’m not alone, either. I really hit a nerve with my last email blast “Enough WIth The Negative.” I had so many positive emails and in-person comments about my rant that I simply had to share some of them.

  • “Yes to the sentiment! Accentuate the positive! Eliminate the negative! And don’t mess with Mr. In-between! ” – Donna Loraine Contractor, Tapestry Artist
  • “I totally agree with you! Good message!” – Brian Morris,  Executive Director, Downtown Action Team
  • “Good message! Thanks!” Steve Hoberg, Owner, Glass Rite
  • “Amen, sister!” Mary Ellen Merrigan, Merrigan Group
  • “Good work on the Soap Box!” Pat Forbes, Artist
  • “Bravo sister! I agree! Don’t let it in!” Sherri Garrity, Chief Corporate Fugitive

What do you have to say?