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Does Your Communication Need A Check Up?

Does Your Communication Need A Check Up?

March means two things: spring and the end of the first quarter of the year. This is a great time to review things – your health, how well you’re organized, your vacation plans for the coming months. Have you thought about reviewing your business communication?
Unless you’re actively engaged in how you communicate with your customers, you may be missing amazing opportunities. Do you thank your clients for purchasing your service or product? How often? Do you offer regular customers special deals they can’t get anywhere else? Do you engage them via social media? Do you tell the press about your achievements? Do you tell the press anything?

If you aren’t doing it, who is?

That’s why I created my Communication Diagnostic Evaluation – a communication check up. Let’s talk about what you’re doing to tell your story. You’ll receive a snapshot report of your communication strategy, and ideas to grow your business that you can implement immediately.

Got a website? It is all it can be?

I also provide a Website Evaluation service.  I’ll review your website for the elements it could (and should) have. You’ll receive a written evaluation with suggestions you can immediately implement.

Feel free to pass this on to someone you know who could take advantage of it, too.
You’ll be a hero by helping them rev up their marketing communication in 2011!

Ah, Technology

Ah, Technology.

Early last fall, my techno-fabulous husband rebuilt my computer. I picked up a nasty something or other that killed my desktop. He graciously loaned me his ancient laptop. The rebuild lasted about a month, and then my poor, old desktop began showing signs of permanent death. As did my husband’s patience in providing free computer support. I bit the bullet and purchased a brand new system. Boy am I glad I did, if only for the improvement in spousal relations.

Technology’s consuming me lately. I love the freedom technology gives me – my computer, my cute as a bug netbook, my TiVo with instand Netflix downloads, my smoking fast cable internet connection and VOIP telephone. Ultimately, though, these are only tools that I use to ply my trade (minus the Netflix, of course). They’re not the reason for my being in business, only the facilitators.

And technology certainly doesn’t replace the personal relationships that I’ve built and continue to build. Technology facilitates those, too, and allows me to serve people all over the world, keeping up with folks via email, Facebook and other social media.

One piece of technology I don’t have is a cell phone. I know, a shocking confession in this day and age.  I’ve never found the need for one. When I’m in my office, the telephone there works just fine. When I’m out at meetings, lunch or running errands, any messages I receive aren’t going to interrupt those endeavors. I’m not a crisis PR expert, so for me and my clients, there’s no such thing as a “writer emergency.”

Technology has made all of our lives easier. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships, though. Are you using the technology available to you to connect with your current and potential clients? Building a website, sending a press release, or crafting a newsletter are all ways to let them know you’re there, and ready to help. And I’m ready to help you do it, too.