Monthly Archives: January 2014

Found in a Library Book

cat bookmarkEver find something in a library book? I don’t mean someone else’s checkout slip or airplane boarding pass. I mean like a grocery list, love note or something like this?

Book: A Traveler’s Guide to the Galapagos Islands by Barry Boyce

Object: Gold cat bookmark

Let me know what you’ve found.

How to Give a Good Testimonial for a Service Provider

testimonialWhat is a good testimonial for a service provider? A good testimonial is one that explains:

  • What the person did for you;
  • In concrete ways (time/money saved; income/opportunities increased; psychic benefits accrued); and
  • Why you would work with them again. (Because they are timely, accurate, effective, easy to work with, adaptable to situations, your client/customer was thrilled with the result.)

Then, put it in writing in no more than a few sentences. Send it in an email, letter or card to them. Give it in person to everyone you can. Post it on review sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. They will be glad you did.