Monthly Archives: September 2014

Words Matter

Friday tip: Speak with authority and others will believe you.
The same holds for writing: words matter. Say what you want to say in the way you want to say it. Use words that resonate with you. Don’t copy someone else’s style. Learn from their writing, but don’t imitate. Uncover the ideas that they communicate. Then figure out the ideas you want to convey. I give you permission.



A Helping Hand

My collaborative service offers a helping hand when you want to write it yourself. I am with you online, on the phone or in person. I keep you focused. I help you find the right words. I give you permission to say it the way YOU want to say it.


Tips To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Friday tips to get your creative juices flowing:

1-Be yourself & write what you know. Give yourself permission to write in your style about the things in which you’re interested.
2-Let go of perfection. Done is better than perfect.
3-Practice short & be flexible. Not every piece of writing is a novel. A blog, social media post or article can be a single line or paragraph.
4-Be inspired by others. Something you recently read could probably use your perspective.
5-Use templates.