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Friday Tip: Social Media

Tip: Take it slow.

It’s okay to start slow when venturing into the land of social media. Pick one site – Facebook is particularly easy – and create an account and profile. Then give yourself a few weeks to play around. You’ll figure out quickly if this site is the place for you.


By having Kelly concentrate on our social media marketing, newsletters and press releases, we easily save 8-10 hours a week that a staff member would spend on them. Because of that, we can focus on sales, customer service and internal processes. We’re saving about $20,000 per year by working with Kelly, and highly recommend her to others.

Eddie Padilla, VP/Director of Sales & Marketing, Heads Up Landscape Contractors


The rewards of setting my own schedule, working from home, taking interesting projects and learning a lot about my clients and their businesses far outweigh the downside of being a freelancer. These factors, too, were part of why I became one. And why I’ve never looked back.