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Getting That Blog Post To Write Itself

Friday tips – a 5 for 1 bonus: Having trouble getting that blog post to write itself? Try these 5 tips to get the juices flowing:

1. Write What You Know. Pick a topic that you know about & you’ll find it much easier to write quality content quickly.
2. Let Perfection Go. Accept now that you’re going to make a typo, need to edit later, or even change your mind. You now have permission to do all of those things.
3. Think Short. Not every post needs to be a book. Sometimes short is better.
4. Use Templates. Try a “5 Tips” style post. Choosing a headline and format makes the content creation easier.
5. Be Inspired by Others. Reading other blogs, the newspaper or trade magazines. They’ll help you models posts and generate ideas.

A Diverse Set of Writing Skills

Kelly is able to quickly and easily expand basic concepts based on the limited amount of input we provide. She can take a single sentence and create an article in short order. She’s also very thorough and detail oriented, and provides all the heavy lifting for all our complex projects and articles. She’s able to change the audience and tone to meet the needs of our diverse projects, too. Kelly has a diverse set of writing skills that include marketing, advertising, technical, social, etc. and she always follows through and delivers on time.
Britain Harvey, Agile Group USA

Start A Blog

I’ve talked to several people lately who say they want to start a blog. But they don’t know where to begin. I’ve got a package for that! Now, in addition to my newsletter, social media, and news release packages, I’ve created one specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to start (or continue) blogging. Ask me.

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Say Thanks

Friday tip: When you get good press – a story in your local newspaper or magazine, or are interviewed for the radio, say thanks to the reporter or editor who made it happen. Your kind words in an email or handwritten note might lead to bigger opportunities – a column, regular show or follow up story.