Monthly Archives: April 2015

An Asset To Me

I have used Kelly for projects ranging from web site copy to script writing. I like that I can give her SSD Logo gifvery little direction and have a product at the end that requires very little revisions. This makes her not only an asset to me on my creative team, but very cost effective as well. In addition her objective view points are a value add for those of us “stuck in our ways.”
Jay Koller, Solid State Designs, Inc.​

Do It Yourself

Who better to tell your story than you? You could do it yourself, but something’’s stopping you. I can help. You’ll get that website, blog post, newsletter or article written faster than you thought because I’’m beside you the entire time –- in person or virtually.

Know the Vehicle

Friday tip: Know the vehicle by which your message will be delivered. Is this message for an email campaign, a web site, an article in a business publication, or something else? The method of information presentation will often dictate the content and message length.