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The Difference Maker

The money quote from this article,

Help! My salespeople can’t write!

“We’ve all been on the receiving end of emails and documents from salespeople that were poorly written. Not only did we chuckle, but we wondered about the companies that hired these people to sell for them. In a competitive marketplace, where the slightest misstep can cost you the account, the ability to effectively communicate in writing can be the difference maker.”

The Life of a Copy Editor

Great piece about the life of a copy editor. This paragraph is gold:
There is a fancy word for “going beyond your province”: “ultracrepidate.” So much of copy editing is about not going beyond your province. Anti-ultracrepidationism. Writers might think we’re applying rules and sticking it to their prose in order to make it fit some standard, but just as often we’re backing off, making exceptions, or at least trying to find a balance between doing too much and doing too little. A lot of the decisions you have to make as a copy editor are subjective. For instance, an issue that comes up all the time, whether to use “that” or “which,” depends on what the writer means. It’s interpretive, not mechanical—though the answer often boils down to an implicit understanding of commas.


The full piece, here:

Kick in the Pants

Thank you so very much!  I learned so much from you and am beyond appreciative!  So much so, I implemented your advice on verbiage on my first phone call out today and GOT THE BUSINESS!!!  I had some sort of weird block and you gave me a much needed kick in the pants on my verbiage and it’s already paying off!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Rachel O’Donoghue, Global Accounts, HelmsBriscoe