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Friday Tip: By Zombies

Friday the 13th tip: One fun way to test whether a sentence is active or passive is to use zombies: if you can add “by zombies” after the verb and it makes sense, you probably have passive voice. for example:
The town was attacked (by zombies). Passive.
Zombies attacked the town. Active. Zombies attacked the town (by zombies) doesn’t work.
All that to say, try to keep your sentences active rather than passive. You’ll bring life to your sentences and avoid zombies.
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Tell Our Story

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the work you do for us. I receive compliments regularly at regional and national industry events about how well managed our social media and public relations efforts are. I know that it is you behind that effort, guiding us and keeping a professional image. I always give you the credit when I receive those compliments and would and do refer you at every opportunity. Thank you again for keeping us in the best light and helping us tell our story.  Thank you.
Andrew Key, President, Heads Up Landscape Contractors​