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Saved Me Countless Hours

Kelly has saved me countless hours each month writing our newsletter and developing and sending out our press releases. Her energy for this project is invaluable, and something I simply don’t have. I am always confident that Kelly will conduct a professional interview and uncover a great story for all of our readers to enjoy. I’ve found that my customers find it easier and more compelling to share their successes with Kelly. She’s been a tremendous asset to my company. A master of communication and committed to my company’s purpose and goals makes her services priceless!

Margaret Otero headshot May 2012

Margaret Otero, InaBind of New Mexico/Visual Impressions Plus

Marketing Communication Revved Up

Does a new website, newsletter, or blog, professionally edited workbook or book or managed social media presence sound like it could help your business? Let me know how I can get your marketing communication revved up or off on the right track. Sign up for one of my packages before 12/31 for 2015 pricing. Because come January 1, your investment increases!

Subjunctive Case

I loves me some subjunctive case.


Per Wikipedia (and grammarians everywhere), “subjunctive is used to form sentences that do not describe known objective facts. These include statements about one’s state of mind, such as opinion, belief, purpose, intention, or desire. The subjunctive mood is also used for statements that are contrary to fact, such as If I were a giraffe, … (subjunctive), as distinguished from I was a giraffe. Subjunctive statements often occur in dependent clauses, such as the subjunctive example in the preceding sentence. It contrasts with the indicative mood, which is used for statements of fact, such as He speaks English.”

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