Monthly Archives: March 2016

Quickly and Easily Expand

Kelly is able to quickly and easily expand basic concepts based on the limited amount of input we provide. She can take a single sentence and create an article in short order. She’s also very thorough and detail oriented, and provides all the heavy lifting for all our complex projects and articles. She’s able to change the audience and tone to meet the needs of our diverse projects, too.Kelly has a diverse set of writing skills that include marketing, advertising, technical, social, etc. and she always follows through and delivers on time.
Britain Harvey, Agile Group USA

Do a Spectacular Job

I can’t thank you enough for making our marketing a breeze! Not only are you an extremely professional and creative writer, but you are timely as well. You have helped us in various other ways as well, such as keeping us up-to-date with Facebook, Twitter and the plethora of other websites out there. Not to mention that your patience has been greatly valued by the Alternative Wellness Center staff. Every time you meet with me, you bring lightness to the projects and your innovative ideas have been so very appreciated! Kelly, you do a spectacular job and I highly recommend you to everyone!
Janet Hall, Alternative Wellness Center