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Rewrite It

Friday tip: If your website homepage doesn’t answer the 3 most important questions for your potential customers, you need to rewrite it.
1-Am I in the right place – do I recognize that I’m the ideal customer for this company?
2-Do I understand why I should be buying from/working with this person/company (as opposed to
someone else)?
3-What do you want me to do now – what’s my call to action?

Friday tip: A 5 tip bonus!

Friday tip: A 5 tip bonus!

If you need a little spark to help you breathe life into your next social media post, blog or article, here are 5 tips to get your creative juices flowing:
1-Be yourself & write what you know. Give yourself permission to write in your style about the things in which you’re interested.
2-Let go of perfection. Done is better than perfect. (That doesn’t mean ignoring spelling or grammar, though.)
3-Practice short & be flexible. Not every piece of writing is a novel. A blog, social media post or article can be a single line or paragraph.
4-Be inspired by others. Something you recently read could probably use your perspective.
5-Use templates.

Master Wordsmith

Her writing truly captured the essence of what my business is all about. It is concise, accurate-gets to the point of the overall message. Without hesitation, she has my highest recommendation and I would, without a doubt, refer her to anyone who needs a master wordsmith. Michael Gelman, Gelman2 Information Services