Monthly Archives: September 2016

Cost Effective

I have used Kelly for projects ranging from web site copy to script writing. I like that I can give her very little direction and have a product at the end that requires very little revisions. This makes her not only an asset to me on my creative team, but very cost effective as well. In addition her objective view points are a value add for those of us “stuck in our ways.”
Jay Koller, Solid State Designs

Learning Curve

Many of my clients say the learning curve for blogging, posting on social media accounts or filling out a LinkedIn account overwhelms them. Or that they are too busy serving their customers to write a website or marketing plan that encompasses social media, newsletters, and blogging. Don’t EVEN get them started on creating an email newsletter. And that press release announcing their event, workshop, new hire, anniversary or cool new product/service? Forget it.
But I love that stuff. I talk with my clients about their brilliance, then translate it into the written word – on paper, on screen, in an email. That’s what I do: help you communicate better.

Saved Me Countless Hours

Kelly has saved me countless hours each month writing our newsletter and developing and sending out our press releases. Her energy for this project is invaluable, and something I simply don’t have. I am always confident that Kelly will conduct a professional interview and uncover a great story for all of our readers to enjoy. I’ve found that my customers find it easier and more compelling to share their successes with Kelly. A master of communication and committed to my company’s purpose and goals makes her services priceless!
Margaret Otero, InaBind of New Mexico/Visual Impressions Plus