Monthly Archives: December 2016

She Makes Me Better

Kelly is great to work with as she establishes parameters that allow me to know when a project can be done. She is efficient with her work doing the project quickly, keeping my expense down. Particularly, she is open to working to my style, the need of the project. Finally, Kelly offers suggestions to make it better yet, allowing me to determine whether to incorporate. Basically, she makes me better.  Love that! Priscilla Dakin​, Dakin Business Group, Business Broker & Valuation Specialist

A Lifesaver

Kelly was a lifesaver!  In trying to develop content for my new website, I found myself staring at a blank page for months!  Kelly sat patiently with me and evoked the words that had been whirling in my head during that time and organized them in a meaningful and coherent way. Kelly was masterful at creating the space for me to express myself authentically and without self-judgement.  This all took place in just a few hours!  Once this initial draft was written, it was easy for me to fill in the details.  I really couldn’t have done it without her!

Kristin Kurtz, Health & Wellness Coach