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Liberal Arts Grads

The money quote: “Yet more and more the technology industry is suffering from an empathy deficit. Enter Anders, who argues that “creativity, curiosity, and empathy are the job skills of the future.”
Liberal arts grads have those qualities.


Y’all know I love templates, right?
You can learn the basics of social media and create the written content for your own website, blog, article, newsletter or news release yourself. Yep, write your own content using my proven checklists and worksheets.
These jump-start guides quickly get you into the writing zone, and are great for brainstorming ideas when the creativity just isn’t flowing.
You’ll get that website, blog post, newsletter or news release written faster than you thought because these guides show you exactly how to do it.

Build Trust With Clients

What do you do to build trust with clients so that they keep coming back, and keep referring you to others who need you? Here’s how I do it:
  • Be impeccable with your word. Never miss a deadline, and never charge for “extras” that really aren’t extra.
  • Produce the best work possible to help the client meet their goals.
  • Be upfront with challenges to client projects. I’m the professional, so I often know more about the project than they do.
  • Reward great clients with tokens of appreciation: gifts, experiences, bonus services and, most importantly, referring them to others. They’ll do the same.