Monthly Archives: September 2017

Fix That!

If your potential buyer/customer/client doesn’t recognize themselves as being in the right place when they arrive on your website, doesn’t know what’s in it for them, and doesn’t know what to do next, what happens? They leave. And quickly. Fix that!

Does Yours?

Arguably the most important page of any website, the home page needs to answer 3 critical questions for your potential customers:
Am I in the right place – do I recognize that I’m the ideal customer for this company?
Do I understand why I should be buying from/working with this person/company (as opposed to someone else)?
What do you want me to do now – what’s my call to action?
Does yours?

Friday Tip: Start With A Plan

Friday tip: Start with a plan. Start with a plan. When you don’t, the result is often something that doesn’t connect, has no clear idea, and a jumble of directions. No matter the length (short email to op-ed to newsletter to web page) having a plan is the first step to getting your message across quickly and effectively.