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Keeping A Professional Image

I wanted to take  a minute and thank you for all the work you do for us. I receive compliments regularly at regional and national industry events about how well managed our social media and public relations efforts are. I know that it is you behind that effort, guiding us and keeping a professional image. I always give you the credit when I receive those compliments and would and do refer you at every opportunity. Thank you again for keeping us in the best light and helping us tell our story.  Thank you.
Andrew Key, President
Heads Up Landscape Contractors

Easily Worth Twice

It would probably take us 50 hours a month to do all the things Kelly does for us. And for us, consistency is the number one concern. With Kelly, our newsletter launches on time, and our social media accounts are consistently updated and monitored. If we were trying to manage our social media accounts and create our newsletter – keeping track of them, monitoring and maintaining them – it would all get put off when we get busy. Even setting up meetings would get put off. We don’t do a lot of other advertising or marketing, and working with Kelly frees up our time to handle client projects. When you lump all the intangibles together, she’s easily worth twice what we pay for her services.
Phil Baca, Paper Tiger

Interesting Newsletter

Are you missing out on the chance to retain clients? Today’s technology makes it easy to create and send an interesting newsletter full of useful information. Newsletters keep your current customers informed of special events, sales and added products or services. They stick around and get passed around, too. I can help.