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Learning Curve

Many of my clients say the learning curve for blogging, posting on social media accounts or filling out a LinkedIn account overwhelms them. Or that they are too busy serving their customers to write a website or marketing plan that encompasses social media, newsletters, and blogging. Don’t EVEN get them started on creating an email newsletter. And that press release announcing their event, workshop, new hire, anniversary or cool new product/service? Forget it.
But I love that stuff. I talk with my clients about their brilliance, then translate it into the written word – on paper, on screen, in an email. That’s what I do: help you communicate better.

Receive Compliments

I wanted to take  a minute and thank you for all the work you do for us. I receive compliments regularly at regional and national industry events about how well managed our social media and public relations efforts are. I know that it is you behind that effort, guiding us and keeping a professional image. I always give you the credit when I receive those compliments and would and do refer you at every opportunity. Thank you again for keeping us in the best light and helping us tell our story.  Thank you.
Andrew Key, President
Heads Up Landscape Contractors

Increase Sales

Working with Kelly saves me between 4 and 5 hours every day. That means I can put more time into research and development and with customers. That translates into an increase in sales of $2,000 to $3,000 a week, and more. Because by the time I figure out what I want to say, Kelly’s already done it. I don’t have to worry about putting my marketing messages together, and can concentrate on what I do best.
Sharon Dillard, CEO, Get A Grip Resurfacing, Inc.

Words Remain The Important Business Tool

“It’s easy to believe that we live in a visual world and that words, especially written ones, don’t matter. Don’t be taken in by that false logic. The truth is that words are picture-making devices, the visual before the visual, and words remain THE important business tool and THE important career skill.” Dale Dauten, The Corporate Curmudgeon
Amen. Can’t find the words? I can help.