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Writing Myths

You’re not doing anything about your need for a website, social media presence, blog, newsletter, etc. Why? Because you believe these myths (which are all false):
Writing is hard. You’ve had bad experiences in the past. You’ve been told you don’t have any writing ability. You’re afraid of failing.
Writing takes too much time. You’re already overwhelmed with all the tasks required to run your business. Where will you find the hours needed to write that newsletter, blog or op-ed, much less a new website or book?
You don’t have any ideas. You freeze when when faced with the blinking cursor or blank page.
You’re distracted. SQUIRREL!
I can help. 

Huge Help

Kelly has been a huge help with my marketing efforts utilizing Facebook, blogs and community articles. If she says she’s going to do something you can bet that she will get the job done with efficiency and polish. She’s filling in all the gaps in my writing and social media skills. Along with weekly email updates she comes physically comes to my office once a month for a face to face meeting which is still so important even in this digital world. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone with a business who needs an accomplished wordsmith and social media expert.
Leslie Van Pelt, Owner
Comfort Keepers Santa Fe​

Communication Hacks

Want at least 50 Communication Hacks about branding, promotion, marketing, social media and more? This half-day educational event on 11/3 is designed specifically for small businesses, entrepreneurs and corporate marketers to improve your business’ branding, marketing, web development, blogging, social media and more. Did we mention you’ll receive an e-book with all the hacks listed so you won’t forget them later? Yep, we want to make sure you won’t forget the more than 50 communication hacks you’ll learn at the event. Sign up now at