Enough with the negative

From the archives of last year (April 2010), and still true today. Had a conversation yesterday with someone that reminded me of just how true it is, especially the collaboration part.

Maybe it’s the changing jet steam, spring allergies or something in the water, because I’ve met more than the usual number of negative business owners in the last few weeks.

They complain how their competitors bad mouth them to steal business.

They think that people who want to collaborate with them are only “in it for themselves.”

In reality, those same business owners look petty and mean.

Enough with the negative already!

Why not see the benefit in collaborating? We’re all better when we work together toward a common good!

Start blasting YOUR good news instead! The truth will out.

When you help your business partners – by talking about them in your newsletter, by linking to their sites from your own, by telling the world the positive results you get from working with them on your social media sites – everyone benefits. They’ll help you in return.

Thanks, and I’ll get off of my soapbox now.

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