Newsletter quick start

Here are 13 tips to get started quickly with your newsletter: newsletter image

  1. Hire a professional to design your ezine/newsletter template
  2. Sign up for a database marketing system to collect names/email addresses (Constant Contact, Aweber, iContact, MailChimp, etc.)
  3. Give the newsletter a title that connects with your brand and key messages
  4. Create a calendar for distribution days/times
  5. Create a calendar for writing/meeting with a professional writer to create content
  6. Brainstorm article ideas
  7. Brainstorm offers that tie into articles and vice versa
  8. Be 1 month ahead in your writing/offer creation
  9. Hire someone to write your ezine/newsletter (or at least proofread /edit it)
  10. List your calendar of events
  11. Get a great photo of yourself
  12. Post the sign up code to your website/social media profile
  13. Hit send

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