Overuse Injuries

Recently, I had to rest my right shoulder from an injury. That’s hard when you’re right handed. One beneficial side effect? I became super efficient with my time at the computer working on client projects and social media. I was in, out and back to resting my shoulder. I accomplished plenty because I focused on what needed to be done. And I found ways to work that didn’t  involve the computer.

I’m often asked what the ideal amount of time is to spend marketing a business on Facebook, blogs and other social media sites. There’s no correct answer, except that if you’re accomplishing your goals, you’re spending the right amount of time.

Are you injuring your business on social media by overusing it? Do you spend lots of time surfing and chatting, but don’t accomplish anything real? Have you set goals for your time on these sites? That’s the first step.

It really is okay not to spend a lot of time online wandering from page to page, site to site. In fact, you should be laser focused on what you wish to accomplish for your business. Once that’s done, you’ve got plenty of time for fun, personal use of social media. Setting goals lets you focus on the important things first so you can avoid an overuse injury.

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