Psst…Wanna Know A Secret?

You know you do – it’s the secret to increasing name recognition of your business, to increasing the number of people who talk about your business (in a positive way, of course), and the number of customers who want what you offer.

It’s really not a secret, but it’s something that many small business people don’t do. Are you ready. Write this down:

Regular. Consistent. Communication.

Sounds simple, right? Are you doing it? When was the last time you emailed a client to say thanks? Sent them a newsletter with an offer? Lauded them on your Facebook page or via Twitter?

I don’t mean advertising. I mean letting the media and your customers know what you’re up to. Could be as simple as an email. Could be announcing an anniversary or new hire. Could be as outrageous as offering them something just for calling you, walking in the door or visiting your website.

Regular. Consistent. Communication. Are you doing it?