Social Media Q&A Redux

So many great questions, so little space! I received more great questions about getting your business’ message out than could fit in the last post. Here’s the remainder.

Q: Please discuss the importance of the subject line in an e-mail or memo. From Hannah.


A: Subject lines are critical in enticing people to open your email or read your memo. I had several folks reply to an email with the subject line, “Whoops! I did it again.” They were intrigued by it and wanted to know what was up. Then again, Hannah was annoyed by the subject line and told me so. She did open the email, though.

Q: I know that there are several so-called free services for distributing press releases. Is that is the best path to take? From Richard Rice of
A: Using a free electronic distribution service works when you want to reach beyond your local area. But if local is your market, then do the research (or find someone who already has) on what your local media outlets are – newspapers, radio, social media sites, magazines. A little up front investigation will tell you which distribution methods will work best.

Q: I want to enhance my online presence. Should I create a website or a blog first? From Curious, but wishes to remain anonymous.

A: Here’s another “it depends” answer because a blog IS a website! Many company websites are actually set up on blogging platforms because of their ease in updating. (My own website is a blog – check it out). A traditional website is static, and though you can change content as often as you want, you usually do it when your product or service changes. My advice? Whichever you choose, make sure your content is current and that people can easily find the site.

Thanks again, everyone, for your questions! And remember, regular, consistent and POSITIVE communication is the key to getting your message out and noticed.

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