Social Media Q&A

Social Media Q&A Mania!

Back in January of 2010, I asked people their questions about getting their business’ message out. The questions are still really good, and bear repeating now.

Q: How do I combine or cross promote through different forms of social media? From Ron Patel of Just Dine In.

A: There are two ways to cross promote your business through the different forms of social media. One way is link your social media accounts together so that a post on one automatically feeds the other. The other way is to use a multiple posting service that allows you to send one post to all your social media sites at the same time.

Q: What do you recommend as good media channels to get your message out? From Kristelle Siarza, late of the Greater ABQ Chamber of Commerce and now with Associated General Contractors of New Mexico.

A: What media you target depends on what media your customers pay attention to. There’s a lot of research about which demographic groups read newspapers, listen to radio and get their information from online media, including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. A little upfront investigation will tell you which methods are good for you.

Q: When doing social media for your business or organization, how much is “too much” communication or how much is “too little?” From Brian Morris of the Downtown Action Team.

A: This is a tough one! The answer is, it depends. The key is to communicate regularly and consistently, but only useful information. Your business’ fans and followers don’t care about your latest Scramble score, but they do want to know if you’re running a special, or when your next event is. See the next question for a good rule of thumb.

Q: How much time does it really take to do social networking effectively? From Lori Shaw of Xtra Mark.

A: Here’s another “it depends” answer. You need to keep up with your social networking sites so that your friends, followers and fans feel like their questions and comments have been heard and answered. For some businesses, especially service ones, that could be checking in for a few minutes a couple of times a day. For others, it could be an hour a day. A good rule of thumb is to never go longer than 48 hours without posting something of interest on your social media sites.

And not a question, but a great comment from Guy Berger of Palms Trading Company:

“I think some of the things we struggle with is the constant media attention to who’s breaking the law instead of who is a champion for honesty and ethical business practices.”

Guy’s absolutely right – it’s hard to be heard over the negative noise. That’s why regular, consistent and POSITIVE communication is the key to getting your message out and noticed.