True Words

Here, I let my clients do the talking. These are their words, not mine.

I really look forward to my monthly meetings with Kelly, where I work side by side with her on my newsletter, social media and other marketing tasks. My time with Kelly is not only productive but equally fun and engaging. As a newbie to on line marketing with limited tech savvy, Kelly has also been instrumental in helping me hone my computer skills and gain confidence in navigating the internet and web. Kelly is a godsend for me and by business, I’m so glad I discovered her because I get stuff DONE! Kelly really cares about my success, too, demonstrated by her follow up and gentle prompts.
Lee Bowman, Owner, Lee Bowman Skincare

Kelly, I can’t thank you enough for taking all of the different pieces of information and creating a succinct, engaging and professional speaker sheet for me. So well done. I appreciate you.
Maria Guy, Partner, Giant Worldwide

I used Kelly’s guide for setting up my website, and with the suggestions and templates, I was able to craft relevant and impactful content for my site in just one afternoon. If it had not been for the guidelines, I don’t know where I would have started, how much time I would have spent, and quite honestly, I may not have my site up because I would have just gotten frustrated and not been satisfied with what I was putting up without confidence. Now I know the content I have is what is necessary for someone who lands on my site and the actions I want them to take are very obvious on the home page.
Janice Honeycutt, Vistage International

I asked a client today how she found us. She just moved here from the East Coast. She said she was impressed with our website!! Thank you so much Kelly!!!
Candace Kenyon, Director, Santa Fe Sports Medicine & Rehab

When I met Kelly, my business was struggling because I didn’t know how to communicate what I did with others and I had lost my direction. She helped me reawaken my passion, find my target audience and learn how to communicate with style. Thanks to my work with Kelly, my business is doing better than it ever has been.
Pi Luna, Pi Luna Press

Kelly built my website for me and she did a fantastic job! I highly recommend her for any of your professional writing needs. She is very organized, efficient, prompt, and is easy to work with. She will help you expand your business!
Dawn Rodriguez, Mariposa Pilates

Kelly is always a blast to work with, time with her is a pleasure.
Craig Dill, Principal, Craig Dill & Associates

Kelly is an excellent collaborator, someone who keeps the project on track and gets results quickly. Your talent is easily one of the best gifts that our shelter has received in a while. We highly recommend!
Bridget Lindquist, Executive Director, Espanola Valley Humane Society

Always enjoy working with you, Kelly. You listen, ask questions, research, then produce succinct messaging that supports the client’s marketing strategy. Your writing is excellent!
Allison Rae, Principal, Allison Rae Design

Kelly reviewed my website copy and made some very hip improvements which updated it from the 90’s to the millennium verbiage. It was kind of stuffy and she gave it a new conversational flare. She listens to her clients carefully and delivers an exceptional product. Kudos to you Kelly!! I highly recommend her for your copy project.
Daniel Quat, Owner, Daniel Quat Photography

Kelly is great to work with as she establishes parameters that allow me to know when a project can be done. She is efficient with her work doing the project quickly, keeping my expense down. Particularly, she is open to working to my style, the need of the project. Finally, Kelly offers suggestions to make it better yet, allowing me to determine whether to incorporate. Basically, she makes me better. Love that!
Priscilla Dakin, Principal, Dakin Business Group

Kelly was a lifesaver! In trying to develop content for my new website, I found myself staring at a blank page for months! Kelly sat patiently with me and evoked the words that had been whirling in my head during that time and organized them in a meaningful and coherent way. Kelly was masterful at creating the space for me to express myself authentically and without self-judgement. This all took place in just a few hours! Once this initial draft was written, it was easy for me to fill in the details. I really couldn’t have done it without her!
Kristin Kurtz, Health & Wellness Coach

Kelly is adept at finding the perfect angle to bring our designs to life when creating product descriptions for our brand. Her timely delivery of requested work makes it easy to count on her when working on a schedule.
AJ DeForest, Owner, Pfeifer Studio

Kelly has been a huge help with my marketing efforts utilizing Facebook, blogs and community articles. If she says she’s going to do something you can bet that she will get the job done with efficiency and polish. She’s filling in all the gaps in my writing and social media skills. Along with weekly email updates she comes physically comes to my office once a month for a face to face meeting which is still so important even in this digital world. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone with a business who needs an accomplished wordsmith and social media expert.
Leslie Van Pelt, Owner, Comfort Keepers Santa Fe​

Thanks for your feedback, Kelly, and the excellent work you’ve done. Very nice work. 
Laura Randolph, Owner, Mama’s Minerals

Kelly Koepke is a joy to work with! She took a jumble of material that we, over many years, had accumulated and pieced together for various needs and turned it into something so much more. With humor and panache, she saw through our sometimes pedantic rhetoric to find the underlying engaging stories that are now the basis of our website and marketing materials. We were feeling overwhelmed – lost in the weeds – THANK YOU Kelly for helping us find a clear path!
Anne deLain W. Clark, Partner, Stanhope & Clark

Thank you.  I truly appreciate having someone that can write like I think!
Kelli Cooper, Vice President-Philanthropic Services, Albuquerque Community Foundation

I wanted to take  a minute and thank you for all the work you do for us. I receive compliments regularly at regional and national industry events about how well managed our social media and public relations efforts are. I know that it is you behind that effort, guiding us and keeping a professional image. I always give you the credit when I receive those compliments and would and do refer you at every opportunity. Thank you again for keeping us in the best light and helping us tell our story.  Thank you.
Andrew Key, President, Heads Up Landscape Contractors

I would recommend Kelly for anyone who wants to communicate meaningfully through the Internet. She has helped me write more effectively to reach my readers. I could not have launched my blog without her expert advice.
Mathew J. Silverman, DO, Peaceful Practice, Integrated Medicine to Improve Lives

On time, on point, on budget, and enjoyable to read. These are the hallmarks of Kelly Koepke’s writing. More than once, America’s Promise Alliance has turned to her for help conveying news and analysis of the local work we do in communities across America, and she has never failed to give us reports that hit the message bulls-eye first time, every time. Beyond the content, Kelly’s client-centered approach makes her very easy to work with, and a fun collaborative partner.
Paul Allvin, former Chief Communications and Knowledge Officer, America’s Promise Alliance, current Sr. VP of Marketing & Communications, USO 

If you haven’t worked with Kelly you are missing out; she is an excellent writer, she can turn a brief outline into a masterpiece of information. Thank you Kelly for all your support as we re-brand our company.
Sandy Cody, Draker Cody, Inc.

I was referred to Kelly by another individual who I am currently doing business with, to write content for my website. Her writing truly captured the essence of what my business is all about. It is concise, accurate-gets to the point of the overall message. Without hesitation, she has my highest recommendation and I would, without a doubt, refer her to anyone who needs a master wordsmith.
Michael Gelman, Gelman2 Information Services

Thank you so very much!  I learned so much from you and am beyond appreciative!  So much so, I implemented your advice on verbiage on my first phone call out today and GOT THE BUSINESS!!!  I had some sort of weird block and you gave me a much needed kick in the pants on my verbiage and it’s already paying off!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Rachel O’Donoghue, Global Accounts, HelmsBriscoe

You are the best at what you do!
Shane Barber, Co-Founder, Kareer Insights

Working with Kelly saves me between 4 and 5 hours every day. That means I can put more time into research and development and with customers. That translates into an increase in sales of $2,000 to $3,000 a week, and more. Because by the time I figure out what I want to say, Kelly’s already done it. I don’t have to worry about putting my marketing messages together, and can concentrate on what I do best.
Sharon Dillard, CEO, Get A Grip Resurfacing, Inc.

I loved the collaboration of our work on my business website copy. You understood what I was saying and without a struggle, pulled together the right words and sentences, and made the process so smooth. I’m looking forward to fulfilling my other marketing avenues with your input.
Terry Morris, Morris Administration

By having Kelly concentrate on our social media marketing, newsletters and press releases, we easily save 8-10 hours a week that a staff member would spend on them. Because of that, we can focus on sales, customer service and internal processes. We’re saving about $20,000 per year by working with Kelly, and highly recommend her to others.
Eddie Padilla, Vice President/Director of Sales & Marketing, Heads Up Landscape Contractors

Kelly knows how to write, how not to write and when to choose each option.
Clifton Chadwick, Comunicacions Kokopele

It would probably take us 50 hours a month to do all the things Kelly does for us. And for us, consistency is the number one concern. With Kelly, our newsletter launches on time, and our social media accounts are consistently updated and monitored. If we were trying to manage our social media accounts and create our newsletter – keeping track of them, monitoring and maintaining them – it would all get put off when we get busy. Even setting up meetings would get put off. We don’t do a lot of other advertising or marketing, and working with Kelly frees up our time to handle client projects. When you lump all the intangibles together, she’s easily worth twice what we pay for her services.
Phil Baca, Paper Tiger

I love working with Kelly because she really understands that no one solution will work for every client. She can integrate all the different parts so they work together to build my credibility and presence. That has translated to a more than 54% increase in my newsletter subscribers and social network tribes, and that has helped me increase my income in the last year by over $30,000. Do I need to say more? Because she is also reliable and takes care of some of the behind the scene stuff so I don’t even have to  learn it.
Miriam Ortiz y Pino, Certified Professional Organizer, More than Organized

You are fabulous!!! Period.
Joanna Jankowski, CEO, Navigator Security Shredding, Inc.

Black Mesa Coffee Company has been in the media more since working with Kelly because of the monthly press releases she writes and sends for us. That increased visibility is invaluable. She also coordinates our social media presence, something that might not get done if she didn’t do it. She keeps our presence consistent, professional and structured. That’s her gift. Plus, she’s forward thinking, keeps us focused on the future, and is a fun person to work with.
Chris Christy, CEO, Black Mesa Coffee Company

Kelly has saved me countless hours each month writing our newsletter and developing and sending out our press releases. Her energy for this project is invaluable, and something I simply don’t have. I am always confident that Kelly will conduct a professional interview and uncover a great story for all of our readers to enjoy. I’ve found that my customers find it easier and more compelling to share their successes with Kelly. She’s been a tremendous asset to my company. A master of communication and committed to my company’s purpose and goals makes her services priceless!
Margaret Otero, InaBind of New Mexico/Visual Impressions Plus

Thanks for all your help – you make this easy – not to mention the end product is good, too.
Melissa Nelson, Beautiful Windows

Kelly always delivers – on time, what she promises. Her creativity is over the top. She has taken our newsletter and news releases to a level we would have never obtained on our own. I would highly recommend Kelly to perform any of the business services she offers. She will not disappoint.
Teri Winfield, High Desert Art & Frame

I have used Kelly for projects ranging from web site copy to script writing. I like that I can give her very little direction and have a product at the end that requires very little revisions. This makes her not only an asset to me on my creative team, but very cost effective as well. In addition her objective view points are a value add for those of us “stuck in our ways.”
Jay Koller, Solid State Designs

Kelly is a talented writer who always finds a compelling angle to whatever story I assign her. She has never missed a deadline, either. A MAJOR plus! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.
Rena DiStasio, Editor

I can’t thank you enough for making our marketing a breeze! Not only are you an extremely professional and creative writer, but you are timely as well. You have helped us in various other ways as well, such as keeping us up-to-date with Facebook, Twitter and the plethora of other websites out there. Not to mention that your patience has been greatly valued by the Alternative Wellness Center staff. Every time you meet with me, you bring lightness to the projects and your innovative ideas have been so very appreciated! Kelly, you do a spectacular job and I highly recommend you to everyone!
Janet Hall, Alternative Wellness Center

Kelly has an excellent sense of what to say and when to get that message out there. We can always count on her to get the job done right!
Regina Chavez, Creative Albuquerque

Expressive, exacted, passionate and principled, Kelly is very skilled and cares deeply about her client services. Aside from this, Kelly also has a very keen sense for making meaningful professional connections between third parties; the best I have ever seen. I cannot wait to recommend her professional writing services to my clients.
Caroline C. Blaker, Petroglyph Creative

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her this past year, and have received some unique opportunities due to her creativity in writing for my business. I would highly recommend her services.
Kelly Chisholm, Coaching By Kelly

Kelly is insightful, upbeat and creative. She thinks both inside and outside of the box, making sure to cover all bases. And fast!
Dean Gianopoulos,Accord Creative

The moment I met Kelly at a networking event, I knew we were going work together. Absolutely NO writer’s block for this gal. She is clever, thorough and really understands her clients’ audience and the message they want to convey. Thanks to Kelly, I look forward to putting together a newsletter each month and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Margaret Otero, Owner, InaBind of New Mexico

All I have to do is give Kelly an idea of what I am looking for. Regardless if it be a press release, brochure, or a bio, she writes it and gets it out to the people I need to reach. Now with the push into viral marketing, I can hire Kelly to handle this also. It is a much better pay-off of my time for me to do my work and let Kelly do hers. I get a positive response from clients, both current and prospective, when I have her take care of my marketing needs.
Michelle Vidal, Owner, Essentials

Kelly is able to quickly and easily expand basic concepts based on the limited amount of input we provide. She can take a single sentence and create an article in short order. She’s also very thorough and detail oriented, and provides all the heavy lifting for all our complex projects and articles. She’s able to change the audience and tone to meet the needs of our diverse projects, too. Kelly has a diverse set of writing skills that include marketing, advertising, technical, social, etc. and she always follows through and delivers on time.
Britain Harvey, Agile Group USA

I love working with Kelly. She listens, has a keen eye and ear and the end result is always accurate, well written and timely. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do it all. I can concentrate on making art and am assured that my calendar listings and press releases are accurate and on their way.
Donna Loraine Contractor, Fine Tapestry Artist

Kelly helps us look like we really know what we are doing. The most proficient person in the world can sure come off dumb and incompetent when they try to write about it. Kelly protects us from ourselves. Every month I keep looking for the news letter to be not as good as the month before. I keep believing that perfection has been achieved only to be surprised when she does even better the next month. She has successfully melded our newsletter with Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In and has grown our fan base on those sites substantially. The evolution and of our newsletter and social marketing is nothing short of stellar.

I highly recommend Kelly Koepke’s services to anyone who is true professional at what they do but may not have the time or expertise to properly write about it.
Scott Chazdon, Owner,  Maintenance  & More Automotive Specialists

Kelly remains my “go to” person for editing and social media marketing advice. When you need a professional writer for your business you will find none better than Kelly Koepke!
Dr. John Drozdal, The Drozdal Company

If what you do or who you are needs to be known, you need a great resource like Kelly Koepke!
Kyle Zimmerman, Owner,   Kyle Zimmerman Photography

Kelly Koepke has been a shot in the arm, increasing public awareness of our names, mission and accomplishments. My personal travel and administrative duties kept me from continuing to effectively “toot my own horn.” Kelly has effectively picked up the trumpet.
Greg Frost, CEO, Frost Mortgage Banking Group

I was impressed by Kelly’s knowledge of her business and the fact that she continually stressed that she could accomplish what the large PR firms do, but for much less money. Not only did she get us press immediately, but we have many other opportunities in the works. True to her word, her fees are reasonable and definitely worth the investment.
Guy Berger, President,   Palms Trading Company