What Do You Do All Day?

What Do You Do All Day?

I’m often asked that question from business people I meet. Because I tell them I help people better communicate. It’s both specific and not specific. They wonder just what do I do all day?

Here’s a typical day:

  • Create client Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn updates
  • Write a client’s blog post (or two)
  • Craft a client’s monthly newsletter, including finding images
  • Draft a press release about a client’s great news
  • Put together answers for a client’s awards application
  • “Ghost” interview a client for an article in a trade magazine, then edit their answers so they sound brilliant.
  • Read up on the latest social media application or feature
  • Research, research, research on marketing, public relations and communication

Each day is different – which I love! Sometimes I write feature articles, too, for publications about food, people and the arts. And I volunteer my marketing, writing and non-profit skills for Creative Albuquerque.

I’m fortunate to be a busy writer whose creativity flows every day. And I’m always interested in talking to people about how they can get their message out.

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