What Not to Do In Email Messages

I recently received an email from an organization of which I’m a member. It’s a great group and I’m honored to be involved. But they’ve never quite gotten the email thing down. The email looked like the image below – a solid block of text with no breaks or images. (This isn’t the actual email.) There was no heading, no introduction and nothing to tell me why I was receiving it.block text

The topic was worthy, but I didn’t read very far. Instead, here’s what I wrote back to the author, copying the president of the group.

1-A solid block of text without appropriate spacing between paragraphs is difficult to read, no matter the subject.

2-An image or two would be great to break up the text, and give the eye somewhere to rest. Visual appeal is incredibly important to email communication.

3-A bit of introduction for this email to the audience is helpful. Why am I receiving this? Why is this organization, specifically, sending it to me?

4-A call to action would be great, too. What should I do with this information? It is tied to a seminar/webinar/event/workshop that ______ is sponsoring?

5-How about a link to the ____ website or where I can get more information about the topic?

I also offered to discuss with them the purpose, composition and effective use of email to organization members. In fact, I’ll discuss that with anyone who wants to send emails to their list. I hope they take me up on it.

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