Why I Love Press Releases

Call me old fashioned, but I love press releases – that stalwart method of letting the media know about you, your company and your service. Whether you’re used to naming them media releases, news releases, or press releases, they are a tried and true way to get to  reporters, editors, bloggers. And if you incorporate them onto your website, blog site, Facebook or Twitter, your friends and followers, too.

Press releases done correctly – with all the right information – often find themselves plopped right down in a newspaper, website or social media account verbatim. Yes, word for word. That’s why it’s so important that all the right information, and no fluff, gets into them in the first place. Also helpful? A well-written, concise message. More than one idea confuses the purpose.

See, with press releases, you control the message. Only the details you want to send into the world are sent. Ideally, a reporter or blogger will contact you for an in depth interview. But more likely than not, they’ll simply cut and paste your words into their publication or site – online or print.

The key is to send only good stuff – don’t try to sell anyone. It’s not an advertisement. Simply and clearly (no jargon!) explain the happening – you’ve moved location, you’ve hired someone, you’ve won an award, you’re celebrating a milestone, you’ve debuted a new website.

Consistently let people – and reporters are just people who get paid for their words – know about the great things happening in your business. This includes your current and potential clients, too! They’ll pay attention when your information is reliable, truthful and best of all, short and to the point.

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