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I love the country very well for it is big and clean and true, and there is nothing dirty standing between one and the sunlight, as there is in the east.

– Marsden Hartley discussing his love for New Mexico with Alfred Steiglitz

This perfectly captures my love of New Mexico generally, and Santa Fe specifically, where I live.

Kelly with American novelist Michael Chabon.


I’m a graduate of St. John’s College’s Great Books Program in Santa Fe. After a pretty darn cool career working for national charitable organizations in Minneapolis and Phoenix, I returned to New Mexico, exemplifying the state’s tongue-in-cheek sobriquet: The Land of Entrapment.

It was time to work for myself. So I hung out my freelance shingle.

After more than 20 years of seasoning as an award-winning writer and content creator, I know a lot of words and ask a lot of questions. I use my business background (an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis) and experience to bring creativity and vitality to any project. Whether that’s a profile, newsletter, feature article, press release or website copy. I also contribute to a variety of publications.

I live in Santa Fe with my husband and a stunning view of New Mexico’s legendary sunsets.

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