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    My clients receive incredible benefits working with me. They:

    Kelly Koepke and Tuckup

    • Earn more money by concentrating on the revenue generating aspects of their business – client interaction.
    • Actually save money because they aren’t spending valuable time writing content for press releases, articles, websites, blog posts and e-zines/newsletters. That’s my specialty.
    • Spend time on the tasks they enjoy, which in turn results in happier relationships with their employees, clients and family. Their increased productivity at work comes when they allow me to help them communicate.
    • Decrease their stress levels so they enjoy their non-work life without worrying about their next e-zine/newsletter, article, blog or social media post.
    • Create free time to spend with family and loved ones because they aren’t constantly working in their business.


    I love the country very well for it is big and clean and true, and there is nothing dirty standing between one and the sunlight, as there is in the east.

    – Marsden Hartley discussing his love for New Mexico with Alfred Steiglitz

    This perfectly captures my love of New Mexico generally, and Santa Fe specifically, where I live. I’m a graduate of St. John’s College’s Great Books Program in Santa Fe, exemplifying New Mexico’s tongue-in-cheek sobriquet: The Land of Entrapment.

    After a pretty darn cool career working for national charitable organizations in Minneapolis and Phoenix, I returned to New Mexico and hung out my freelance shingle. It was time to work for myself.

    I bring creativity and vitality to business writing projects for my clients around the country (and Canada and Australia, too), and contribute to a variety of local, regional and national publications.


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