Small business people and solo-preneurs need to tell their stories – to their current customers, their potential customers, and to the media. That includes social media – your online network of friends and fans.

How does this happen? Through these writing/editing services:

Content Creation

I create it

Content creation for:


Content Collaboration

We create it together

Who better to tell your story than you? You could do it yourself, but something’s stopping you. I can help. You’ll get that website, blog post, newsletter or article written faster than you thought because I’m beside you the entire time – in person or virtually.


Learn It, Do It

You create it, professionally.

Want to write a website, blog, article, newsletter, press release or any other business communication yourself? Learn proven ways to create the content for these items using templates, checklists and worksheets. And discover techniques for brainstorming ideas when the creativity isn’t flowing.


I offer service packages that combine the components listed here. Prices range from $349 to $2,000 per month. Ask which is right for you.

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