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Kelly doesn’t just write for you, she helps you reach your audience. My newsletter goes out to people who may not understand accounting jargon, or even care about the same things I do. Kelly helps tell my stories in a way that resonates with the people I need to reach.
~ Jonathan Kahn, Kahn LLC
Working with Kelly saves me between 4 and 5 hours every day. That means I can put more time into research and development and with customers. That translates into an increase in sales of $2,000 to $3,000 a week, and more. Because by the time I could figure out what I want to say, Kelly’s already done it. I don’t have to worry about putting my marketing messages together, and can concentrate on what I do best.
~ Sharon Dillard, CEO, Get A Grip Resurfacing, Inc.
Thanks for your very helpful input. The session was super helpful and just the mental leverage I needed to tidy up the site. Really appreciate you!
~ Meg York, Musician & Composer
Thank you so very much for your work on my website. There were many aspects which were just amazing. Two aspects in particular are: 1-Your creativity with wording. You maintained the professionalism I needed because of the nature of the people and companies with whom I work. 2-The other tremendous aspect was taking my overly technical writings, lengthy descriptions, and case studies to apply to a broader audience and with crisp concise content.
~ Rick Thomson, The Yar Group
Hi Kelly! Great job on this! I like how you made us sound like real people, instead of professor/engineer blah blah blah.
~ Heather Canavan, PhD, Co-founder and Director, Adaptive Biomedical Design
I am incredibly picky when it comes to writing (and English is my second language!). I have worked with many highly experienced journalists and professional writers over the years and I can tell you that I tend to pick things apart - I didn’t have to do that at all this time. In a nutshell, I love the story and your writing. Very well done, Kelly.
~ Gabriel Tevrizian, Director of Marketing, REDW, LLC
Kelly, I can’t thank you enough for taking all of the different pieces of information and creating a succinct, engaging and professional speaker sheet for me. So well done. I appreciate you.
~ Maria Guy, Partner, Giant Worldwide
I used Kelly’s guide for setting up my website, and with the suggestions and templates, I was able to craft relevant and impactful content for my site in just one afternoon. If it had not been for the guidelines, I don’t know where I would have started, how much time I would have spent, and quite honestly, I may not have my site up because I would have just gotten frustrated and not been satisfied with what I was putting up without confidence. Now I know the content I have is what is necessary for someone who lands on my site and the actions I want them to take are very obvious on the home page.
~ Janice Honeycutt, Firecracker Leadership
Kelly interprets, understands and translates our language into a form that the world can understand. She accomplishes this by sitting with us face to face, and through an interview process formulates a story which connects the world to our technology in a way we never could.
~ Darren Becket, Chief Technologies Officer, Sigma Additive Solutions
Kelly is adept at finding the perfect angle to bring our designs to life when creating product descriptions for our brand. Her timely delivery of requested work makes it easy to count on her when working on a schedule.
~ AJ DeForest, Owner, Pfeifer Studio
When I met Kelly, my business was struggling because I didn’t know how to communicate what I did with others and I had lost my direction. She helped me reawaken my passion, find my target audience and learn how to communicate with style. Thanks to my work with Kelly, my business is doing better than it ever has been.
~ Pi Luna, Artist & Owner, Pi Luna Press
Always enjoy working with you, Kelly. You listen, ask questions, research, then produce succinct messaging that supports the client’s marketing strategy. Your writing is excellent!
~ Allison Rae, Principal, Sōlfire Creative

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